LCI107 : Introduction to JavaScript Scripting
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Students will learn how to use JavaScript to enhance their Web pages.


Students enrolling in this course should have a solid knowledge of HTML, solid knowledge of standard programming techniques, and some knowledge of object-based programming techniques.

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Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand what JavaScript is, what it can do, and how it works
  • Use JavaScript to display messages in the Netscape status bar, display the current date, and display and dynamically update the current time
  • Use JavaScript to create scrolling text banners and to create a RoloURL to access URLs from a list
  • Use JavaScript to validate then submit user-entered HTML form data
  • Use JavaScript to generate an HTML table to display a monthly calendar in its own window
  • Use JavaScript to manage the final multiframe JavaScript Central! home page
Lesson 1: Getting started with JavaScript
  • JavaScript: What is it?
  • JavaScript: What can it do?
  • JavaScript: How does it work?
Lesson 2: JavaScript scripting basics, part 1
  • Displaying messages in the Netscape status bar
  • Displaying the current date
  • Displaying and dynamically updating the current time
Lesson 3: JavaScript scripting basics, part 2
  • Creating scrolling text banners
  • Creating a RoloURL to access URLs from a list
Lesson 4: Validating user-entered data
  • Validating user-entered text data
  • Validating user-entered numeric data
  • Validating user-entered check box data
  • Enabling the Surveys Submit button
Lesson 5: Generating tables and windows
  • Generating an HTML table to display a monthly calendar
  • Displaying the current month in the calendar table
  • Enabling users to display other months
  • Displaying the calendar in its own window
Lesson 6: Managing frames
  • Laying out the final multiframe JavaScript Central! page
  • Displaying documents in windows and frames
  • Creating Back and Forward frame-history navigation buttons
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