MOE : Mastering Organizational Effectiveness
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Organizational effectiveness is the concept of how effective an organization is in achieving the outcomes the organization intends to produce.

The term Organizational Effectiveness is often used interchangeably with Organization Development, especially when used as the name of a department or a part of the Human Resources function within an organization.

Mastering Organizational Effectiveness include: Learning Styles and Team Effectiveness, Legal Aspects of Diversity, and Conflict Management Styles.


HR or General managers, executive assistants and those who want to advance their skills in the field of human resources.

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  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • The Consulting Process
  • Customer Focus
  • Communication and Influencing Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Getting Things Done
  • Team Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

  • The Changing Business World
  • Moving the Company Forward

The Consulting Process

  • Contracting
  • Consulting Challenges
  • Recognizing & Managing Resistance
  • Getting the Information You Need
  • Preparing for Client Feedback
  • The Implementation Process

Customer Focus

  • A New Way of Thinking
  • Customers – Who Are They?
  • Developing the Right Attitude
  • Understanding Your Working Style & Others
  • Quality Groups

Communication and Influencing Skills

  • What is Effective Communication?
  • Finding Your Own voice
  • Communication Styles and Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • Power and Influence Techniques
  • The Cohen-Bradford Model

Conflict Resolution

  • Defining Conflict & Sources of Disagreement
  • Conflict Management Styles
  • Preparing for a Difficult Conversation
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative
  • Action vs. Diversity
  • Legal Aspects of Diversity
  • Biases, Prejudices, Stereotypes and Ism’s
  • Implementing a Diversity Action Plan

Diversity in the Workplace 

  • Defining Diversity
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
  • Legal Aspects of Diversity
  • Biases, Prejudices, Stereotypes, and Ism's
  • Implementing a Diversity Action Plan

Getting Things Done

  • Setting Goals and Things That Get in the Way
  • Project Management & Managing Times and Priorities
  • Communication Skills for Coping and Getting Things Done

Team Effectiveness

  • What is a Team & Stages of Team Development
  • The Mission Statement, Roles and Goals
  • Your Effectiveness as a Team Member
  • Learning Styles and Team Effectiveness
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