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At LIIT, we know that every business has different needs. We have the knowledge and resources to provide our clients with customized training packages adjusted to meet their needs and preferences. We provide our clients with options in regards to subjects taught, number of training hours, special scheduling for classes and much more.


Your Time, Not Ours: When you think there is not enough time to part with your IT staff, think again. You can schedule training to fit into your schedule so that interruption of services is minimized or delimited altogether.

Job-related Training: When you are able to customize the subjects being taught to your staff you save both time and money. You can select the exact training path you want your employees to follow so that their training matches your company’s needs.

Courseware Flexibility: Another important question when selecting training for your employees is what courseware will be utilized in training? At LIIT you have a choice of what software and manuals will be used during training. LIIT has many options in regards to courseware, including our own line of courseware developed by experienced IT professionals and instructors.

Your Place or Ours: Some businesses need instruction “in-house.” If you have the facilities needed to provide the training and prefer that it be done at your location, LIIT has the resources to provide this type of training.

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