Michael B.

Great school great teacher and Shams makes sure you are progressing and are taken care of. The facility is cozy and the equipment is new and functional. The way they have it set up enables the student to learn at their own pace. No pressure from teachers or to finish, the environment is ideal to learn and master whatever course you decide. The AOSS class helped me learn knew things with Microsoft Office that I would have never otherwise learned. Gordana and Shams are a great team and this is the place to go if you want to actually learn something without the added stress that most schools place on you.

Rate the school and program you finished on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest (Very Satisfied) and 1 the lowest (Very Dissatisfied).
Louis M.

The program was very good and helpful to me. What I liked most about the program was the flexibility it allowed me to pick and choose various classes. Also, the staff and Mr. Alam were very flexible and adjusted to the COViD-19 pandemic quickly, allowing for much of the classes to be done remotely from home, I especially liked the classes taught by Mr. Sherlock, and also Monica Geurra was very helpful to me
as I went through the Microsoft training.

Rate the school and program you finished on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest (Very Satisfied) and 1 the lowest (Very Dissatisfied).
Ankhi H

I’m so grateful that I have the CEH course at LasComp of IT. This is my best investment of time to improve my knowledge about risks, vulnerabilities with my skills using many tools that absolutely worth it in my future career.  My instructor was very helpful, friendly, and detailed oriented.  I also liked so much the EC council labs, which are very easy to understand and solve the issue just by following the instructions. I will definitely recommend to my fellow friends this course at LIIT. CEH is the best course for the beginning of a cyber career. I wish fo the best for LIIT.

Thank You.


Rate the school and program you finished on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest (Very Satisfied) and 1 the lowest (Very Dissatisfied).
Ernest G.

This school is amazing! Mr. Alam is a very hard worker and he is very passionate about educating the IT workforce. My Instructor Mr. Levaria is very knowledgeable and he gives me everything I need to be successful in this industry. The best part about the school is the fact that’s Mr. Alam told me I have access for life since I am a veteran!

Rate the school and program you finished on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest (Very Satisfied) and 1 the lowest (Very Dissatisfied).
David C.

The PMP & ACP- Agile courses were much better than I expected. The instructor
kept the material interesting and used real-world examples that were industry applicable. Great job LIIT!”
—David C.

Rate the school and program you finished on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest (Very Satisfied) and 1 the lowest (Very Dissatisfied).
Lucia F.

“Wow” words cannot explain all that I learned from the Accounting and Bookkeeping program at LIIT School of Business.
This was an intense program but it covered a lot of material in a shortened amount of time. It was taught well by the instructors
Gordana and Brenda. I highly recommend this program and all the added skills look great on a resume. 5-star recommendation to anyone
thinking of beginning this program- all you need is time and to be motivated to attend all the classes and the instructors are there to guide and
teach you”
—–Lucia Falcone

Rate the school and program you finished on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest (Very Satisfied) and 1 the lowest (Very Dissatisfied).
Big Data (EMC)

Very good school and knowledgeable instructor. Very happy learn to this program.

— CG

Robert S.

LIIT (LasComp Institute of IT) was very helpful in extending my SQL server knowledge. The teacher was expert in SQL server and if he did not have answer he responded. Teacher aslo went the extra mile to help further knowledge.

Lisa O.

The instructor John is succinct, always ready to help inside as well as out of school hours. Alam made sure classes were scheduled around any time and always ready to help.

Thank you for a very positive experience.

Kennard M.

Instructor and facilities were top rate! I highly recommend LIIT to any student needing great instruction and training.

Jo-Ann Z.

The instructor was very knowledgeable he included videos which supplemented the thinking/exercise manual. Obtaining the certiport  pre thinking prepared the student for the testing

Marcos K.

Class Instructor very knowledgeable

Marcos K.

Instructor very knowledgeable

Marcos K.

Instructor very knowledgeable. Out standing Instructor.

Milagros P

The A+ class was   definitely a great learning experience, I am now better prepared to answer it interview questions.


Alicia P.

Skills I needed to apply for a position in the field. Learning was visual and hands-on which made my learning the material very easy.

Program: Certificed Medical Adminitrative Assistant & MOS Courses

Jo-Ann Z.

The teacher was excellent he really went out of his way to make sure you understood each step the information learned was very comprehensive.

Barry H.

This was a very challenging class but it did teach me the fundamentals of C# programming and ADO/ASP.NET. The instructor was quite knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise with the class.

Joseph D.

Our instructor is extremely knowledgeable e and the heads on portion of the class really helped for better understanding of the practices.

Joseph D.

The instructor was insightful and well prepared bringing real world scenario’s to the classroom. Having a professional network engineer teaching the class made it all worth while

Norma A.

The school “LasComp owned by Mr. Alam” is a perfect place to learn and be certified thank you, to my teacher. Dr. K. and Tom P., who tried their best to understood, guide& impart their knowledge to a student like me. I’m going to pass this good impression of mine to the students who will be interested to come and learn for their betterment in life

Katie T.

I would recommend this school to the future students. I learned a lot here. Scot is an excellent instructor. Thanks you very much for your help. God Bless you all.

Glenn K.

If you’re ready to think, This is the Place.

Also, they are very accommodating.

Anthony J.

My experience at LIIT was outstanding the teachers were GREAT, the lesson format was very detailed and exciting they made learning fun.

It has paid off for me I have land a job with Montefiore Hospital in Yonkers in System Support. Because of my CCNA & MCSA skills.

Andrew R.

I enjoyed having one on one computer training. Teacher was extremely knowledgable about software and industry. Will recommend class and school for anybody interested.

Edward Z.

mike was a very knowledgeable instructor. He is a professional, extremely polite and enjoyable lean from. However, I wish there was more of a coaching direction on how to do better on the pre-test so that I can gain more confidence for the SHRM exam. Excellent teacher.

Deon S.

Moved the experience. ..

Instructors are very knowledgeable in the field, extremely helpful in helping your understand what you are learning willing to help you succeed any way they can.

Alex V.

Instructors provided us with a lot of material. Instructors were very knowledgeable and patient with the students. Being allowed to retake classes at no additional cost is GREAT!!

Mark F.

The overall course was excellent. I do think that discussions at times become too lengthy, students interjected too much. Oneremedy maybe the use of a projector that would create more of an audience atmosphere among students, tather than a one on one setup. A realted issue is that more time could be devoted to reviewing the several technical subject areas that constitute a large precentage of the exam.


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