LIIT’s Courses Tuition Fees

Duration 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Standard Course Tuition (Book, fees & related exam fees** are included) $891 $1692 $2097 $2295 $2493
Non-Profit & Govt. Agencies $594 $1395 $1791 $1998 $2196
Alumni 25%-40% discount from standard tuition (Depends on course and # of the student in class). Also, they will allow taking Unemployed student programs with a 10% discount rate.
Workforce or Unemployed Student or College Students (full-time Junior/Senior) Huge Savings! Please click here to see approved programs with tuition.
Live Online Classes Save up to 25% from standard tuition and save travel costs and make greener.

*Price is based on standard Courses of Technical & Management programs. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PP & outlook) program costs $300/day for each level & if more than one student from the same company for the same class then $250/day for each level.

**not cover the PMP exam fee.



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